How are you doing?
  • Hi there.

    Great project.

    We need it badly. Any chance of a (more or less) stable release within the next 6 weeks?

    I'll explain my question!

    I am working with WorldCom Foundation (not to be confused with MCI Worldcom), a non-profit organisation involved in communication projects, especially in developing countries.

    We are currently working on a huge project to support independant media (radio) in the DRC (Congo). For this project we need a playout system. After some years working with commercial (MS Windows based) playout systems, we have decided to go open source (I presume I don't need to explain why).

    Your project looks very promising. I haven't seen all of it, but I have the feeling your project would fullfill most of the requirements.

    As usual projects like ours have there own dynamics. The first mission is planned for somewhere at the and of March.

    Is there any chance to get it working before that? It should be a realistic one, because we can not invest our precious time in a system that in the end will turn out to be unstable.

    If so, we on the other hand, will use all our resources to help you get it done. I am f.i. a php programmer and web developer (not very much into C) but maybe I could do something.

    Hope to hear from you asap.


    Wiebe de Wolf