[livesupport-dev] Re: how's it going?
  • On Thu, 27 Jan 2005 17:05:47 +0100
    Douglas.Arellanes@mdlf.org wrote:

    > Hi Tomas,
    > How's it going? Any progress with either schema or moving to PHP5?
    > Anything I can help with?
    > doug

    I've closed this now - unfortunately PHP5 XMLSchema validator doesn't validate
    dc schemas correctly and in debug warnings is something about
    'Unimplemented block at xmlschemas'.
    Symplifying of dc schemas didn't help.
    Only basic test XSDs from PHP5 package runs OK.

    It doesn't useful for us to upgrade to PHP5, I think.

    Result: I have only one validator runable from PHP for DC schemas (w3-xsv in Python),
    maybe better to validate it without schemas directly in XML parse code.

    Tomas Hlava

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