[livesupport-dev] window description version 2004-12-14
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    hi everybody,

    find enclosed the compiled window description of what has arrived in my
    inbox so far. i also changed the document in places according to akos'
    feedback and reply to other questions and remarks below

    - it is an RTF document

    - in added the date as a version control. in most email clients,
    attachments are named with a counter at the end if you do not delete the
    original. so the date format is not clogging up for those clients, as they
    do not overwrite the original (unless you delete it first, feel free to
    delete the older versions)

    - i decided to keep the date as a rudimentary version control to those who
    have not yet used the CVS and want to see at a first glance in their
    project folder which is the newest

    - i have not fed this document into the CVS

    - numbering scheme was added

    - still missing: advanced playlist editor from robert

    - log viewer from doug / sava

    - cue window from robert

    - system settings: these should be compiled at the next stage, as we have
    agreed not to handle these through the gui application

    - error checking - this needs to be defined in the next stage for each
    window and each action in the window

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