[livesupport-dev] the DJ bag
  • akos and i were sitting in the pub (the one where we got the jugs for the
    bbq from), trying to specify all the user interface guidance, i.e. what
    happens if you click where. we did not get it finished and hope that robert
    (hello) will pick it up where we left it, as he knows more from the day to
    day studio operations.

    more info later tomorrow.

    one thing we did come up with though is a feature that doug mentioned being
    part of another piece of software, the DJ bag.

    this is like a clip board which can hold files and playlists. anywhere you
    do something to a file or a playlist, you can add it to the DJ bag. from
    the DJ bag you can then select one or more items to go somewhere else.

    an example:

    i add a file by uploading it to the storage. it automatically comes up in
    the DJ bag. from there i can right mouse click of select for 'add item to
    exising playlist'

    another example:

    i searched the archive for my 'r&b night hour' programme, searched for all
    items with 'guitar' and 'tears' in the title. from the found items, i
    select 5 with a check box and say 'add to DJ bag' before continuing my
    search to add some gary moore. later i will select 25 items from the DJ bag
    and say 'create new playlist with selected items'.

    so the DJ bag really is like a clipboard - and saves a lot of trouble of
    going back and forth between feautres, e.g. uploading gary moore and adding
    to the DJ bag AND searching for items to add to the DJ bag will gve me a
    list of files that goes straight into my new playlist.

    the DJ bag will be right mouse click sensitive and ofer a set of features
    for files and playlists which will be the same for files and playlists
    anywhere in the system.

    so... it is pretty late to add a new feature to the software package, which
    is why we want to keep it simple. an icon tells us if it is a file or a
    playlist and it will only display the title, because the DJ bag is like our
    working memory. it is there, in our mind, in the bag. short term memory.

    the main problem to the interface design will be: if we decide to use the
    DJ bag, this also means that the DJ bag should become almost the core
    crossroads to many operations, i.e. needs to be quite prominent and
    potentially *always* available. so... where do we attach this baby to...
    the main window, running across the top? then we have a L shape, lying on
    the side...

    more later,

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