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[livesupport-dev] Live Mode Revisions- Fast Briefing !

  • Thanx Charles,  now we are talking - this is the valid link Smile))


    ...The user opens the Live Mode
    palette by selecting it from the
    application menu across the top of the screen.

    This opens the palette
    directly underneath the Master Palette.

    Yes, and I think it would be good that  user can, by  logging on the
    start, choose  the working mode and the level of precision

    (beginner mode- very simple operations  for work, advanced mode, full
    professional mode- audio mix, curve...), and also the  level of
    accessibility to the radio system files.

    ...The user has the option of
    having the palette fill then entire screen or shrinking it to any size
    they wish. I think both options will be useful.

    When I said that the Live Mode palette should be "full screen", I
    didn't mean that literarly.

    The main point is that Live Mode palette should  spread across one part
    of the screen ( approx. 1/3 of the screen), under the Master palette,

    and  the rest of the screen on the right (that is on your screen
    presented as  desktop) should be used  as some kind of working  radio
    system area

    (and it should have various options and tools, like simple or advanced 
    search music, cue, info, maybe web or some other tools that we have in 
    our system).

    Of course, I think that all three windows (Master palette, Live Mode
    palette and this third additional area) should be opened at the same
    time and to spread across the whole screen.

    From the users point of view, this is the most important functional

     I am not sure that I managed to describe this well enough on my
    english (except to Sava), that there should be three points  on the

    ( Master palette, Live Mode palette and the third palette that can be
    changed and modified depending on the user's needs). That in fact means
    "full screen mode".

    I hope this is not too heavy for designers, Akos and the rest of the
    team. Tell me that it isn't, please...Smile

    ...The Master Palette remains on top in my
    design. I think it should
    remain above the Live Mode palette,

    for the sake of overall
    consistency of experience between Live Mode and other modes of the

    Roberts design integrates some of the Master Palette elements
    into the Live Mode Palette and leaves out other, and I think this is
    sort of confusing,...

    Yes, I wanted to  put in the master palette all the things that
    go into the program on that moment, and maybe I would put  the option
    WHAT IS NEXT on the air.

    I am aware of the  redundancy within the informations, that Charles is
    talking about,  and I think they can stay where they are now,

    BUT only in case we agree we won't have the third palette I was talking
    about in the text above.

    If we agree to have it, we can then quickly revide all the things we do
    and don't need and what can be repeated twice.

     The only important thing is that everything  should be logical.

    When the User opens the LIve mode palette, they
    will not be live until
    the click the THIS SHOW IS ON THE AIR button.

    That leaves them free to
    assemble their show and make any preparations they need to before
    going on the air.

     The on the air indicator on the master palette
    indicates that something is on the air - either a
    live broadcast or a prerecorded show, or even somebody else's live

     the THIS SHOW IS ON THE AIR button in the LIve Mode palette
    indicates the THAT USERS show is on the air in LIVE MODE. When pressed
    the button will change to THIS SHOW IS OFF THE AIR.

    This can stay as the open question. I am thinking now about  the adding
    of audio material  by the " add to playlist" principle.

    And by playlist I mean  the arrangement of audio files that are already
    on air (live files, that we can input directly into the live program),

    and playlist that can be broadcasted later (in the next hour,

    I left the "i" button and the "x" button in
    the windows, because I
    couldn't see how songs were going to be deleted otherwise, and that
    maybe the "i" button

     could be useful for the operator to call up quick
    facts about hte song they're playing. If we decide we don't want
    these, we can just take em out.

    Yes, you are right about those buttons. That " i " button can
    also be usefull to check on the mix area between the two songs, and on
    that way we can increase the survey of the whole screen

    (because for example we don't need to look at the mix the whole time
    during the broadcast).

    What can we do with this?


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