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[livesupport-dev] Happy Thanksgiving!
  • The last week in November is a loss in the US, as we gather with our
    families and eat turkey and pie and watch
    american football. this year i was able to do this in wide screen hdtv,
    and i can assure you it was quite a spectacle.

    The Live Mode updates are under way and I will send it out tonight.

    Sangita is working on cutting up graphics to be used in building the
    other windows, and a new version of the button
    as per Akos' request.

    Akos, were you able to do anything with the stuff we sent you already?

    I'll keep you updated, should have a new Live Mode jpg in a few hours.

    Happy Thanksgiving!


    On Nov 30, 2004, at 6:55 AM, Robert Klajn wrote:

    > Hi Charles and Parsons friends ,
    > I would like to ask how are things going about implementation of my
    > suggestions in the UI?
    > I hope I didn't make you any troubles and didn't make your design too
    > complicated. Smile
    > Anyway, I am all opened for any of your suggestions and propositions.
    > I was thinking maybe it would be good that you send me some kind of
    > sketch, or preview of your idea....
    > just to take a short look, before the design
    > gets its final form.
    > I think that would be easier for all of us.
    > Is this ok with you?
    > Robert
    charles truett . director . CBTSA

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  • charles truett wrote:
    > Akos, were you able to do anything with the stuff we sent you already?

    not really.

    I understand that the design itself takes more time. thus I figured that
    first we could do a functional GUI, which might not look nice, but
    contentwise should be OK. but for that, I'd need the layouts for each
    window that's going to be in the GUI, starting from the login window.
    this would enable me to work on it, and later add the nice visuals.

    without this, I can come up with the layouts myself, but then I'll have
    to rewrite everything for the final layouts. that's basically double work..


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