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[livesupport-dev] moving on with the gui design
  • Dear All,

    We should speed up the communication regarding the GUI design, so that we
    don't fall even further behind the schedule. (And of course, it would be
    very nice to see something "real" and play with it a bit Smile

    So, Sangita and Charles, have you managed to incorporate Robert's comments
    into the latest version of the design? Do you have a timeframe for
    providing bitmaps to Akos et al.? You don't need to break your necks doing
    it, but it would be good to know when they can expect it so that they could
    plan their respective workloads better.

    Everybody else, is there anything else that Charles and Sangita would need
    to know before they go on to produce the bitmaps?

    Looking forward to your replies,


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