[campsite-dev] RPMs
  • Hi all

    I've put together an RPM version of campsite 2.2.2. As it's been a bit
    of a learning experience for me, so I'd be pleased if you could take a
    look at it and see if it works for you. I built it on FC3, and I
    wouldn't expect it to work on other systems necessarily, since most of
    the file locations it contains are hard-coded. Nevertheless, i'd say
    it's useful as it gives a base from which any other users wanting to use
    Campsite on an RPM-savvy distro can build when making their own RPM.

    The files are here:

    The following instructions go with the RPM:

    After installing your RPM, you must perform the following steps to complete installation:

    1. log in as root and type 'create_instance --db_password XXXX', where XXXX is your MySQL root password
    2. Copy the file /etc/campsite/campsite/campsite-vhost.conf to /etc/httpd/conf.d/campsite.conf
    3. Edit the new file, substituting \$SERVER_ADDRESS and \$SERVER_NAME with the values you wish to use.
    4. Restart your webserver, /sbin/service httpd restart



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