[campsite-dev] Xinha integration: perl dependencies on Aspell and Mason

  • Hi Paul and everyone

    I've been working on an RPM installation of Campsite 2.2.2 just now and
    one of the issues I has was that there are dependencies in HTMLAREA on
    Text::Aspell and HTML::Mason. Can I suggest that you check whether
    Xinha has this same dependencies, and if so, edit the Xinha files such
    that instead of

    "use Text::Aspell;" you use something like "eval { use Text::Aspell }
    or die $@;"

    See /usr/lib/rpm/perl.req on your RPM machine for info on this. This
    will instead cause an error message (you can make the error handling
    more elaborate of course) when the perl module is required. It has the
    benefit of making RPM think that this is an optional
    requirement in the campsite code. A resulting RPM can then be built
    which doesn't require these Perl components to be installed.

    I wouldn't be bothered by this except for the fact that when I tried
    "cpan install Text::Aspell" I got a whole stack of errors... for some
    reason it's not installing on my machine. (An issue which I'll take up
    elsewhere). So clearly anyone who tries to fulfil this
    requirement is also going to have problems.-

    The HTMLAREA dependency on Mason seems to be completely pointless. It's
    used by a file in the HTMLAREA distro which is used to package the
    source code for redistribution. So I suggest you remove the script
    which has that requirement.

    Hopefully having sorted out the issues with an RPM install for Campsite
    2.2.2 it should be a simple enough job to go for 2.3 when that is ready
    to go.


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