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    For you who didn't see this image.

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    Subject: Re: [campsite-dev] New logo
    Date: Friday 10 of June 2005 15:53
    From: charles truett
    To: Nenad Pandzic

    Here you go,



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    On Jun 10, 2005, at 4:05 AM, Nenad Pandzic wrote:

    > Can we see that image? I didn't find it as an attachment.
    > Nenad
    > On Wednesday 08 of June 2005 18:59, Paul Baranowski wrote:
    >> It looks great! Comments below...
    >> charles truett wrote:
    >>> I added the scratchpad merely because we had talked about it and i
    >>> wanted to keep that discussion going. I can see how it would
    >>> be useful in putting an article together.
    >> Here's what I can think of for the "Multiple Actions" that can be
    >> taken from the scratchpad. But would it be useful? (Users, please
    >> let us know!) Articles:
    >> - publish/submit
    >> - delete
    >> - unlock
    >> - schedule for automatic publishing
    >> - duplicate
    >> - translate
    >> Article single actions (how?):
    >> - view article
    >> - view attached images
    >> - view topics
    >> - view schedule
    >> Images/Multimedia:
    >> - attach to current article
    >> - delete
    >> Image Single Actions:
    >> - view
    >> - edit metadata
    >> Topics (?):
    >> - assign to current article
    >> - delete
    >>> i removed the"back to edit" button and instead put the edit and
    >>> image functions on tabs. I think this works nicely. There could
    >>> conceivably be additional tabs, perhaps a metadata tab, that we
    >>> could easily add later if needed.
    >> This looks nice. We also need a place for actions on the entire
    >> article: publish/submit, preview, delete, translate, duplicate,
    >> unlock. This would have to be outside of the tabs.
    >> The tabs would be: article, images, topics, automatic publishing.
    >>> I changed the wording on the add buttons, to better differentiate
    >>> between the two functions - ATTACH just links an image already in
    >>> the library to an article, but IMPORT actually imports an new
    >>> image into the campsite library. Then to remove the image from the
    >>> article you "DETACH" it, and to delete it from the library your
    >>> "DELETE" it. two different words makes it clearer I think.
    >> Yes, thats much better!
    >>> I cleaned up the navbar and breadcrumbs area. we can add the icons.
    >>> I'd like to develop our own unique set, but
    >>> that's up for discussion still.
    >> I would love to have our own icons. Just send me a new set, and I
    >> will add them! Smile
    >>> In Live Support the top area by the logo serves as the master
    >>> palette. Last week we discussed possibly having something analagous
    >>> in Campsite. I'm not sure we decided what that would be, but I'd
    >>> like to keep discussing that as well.
    >> I think this current screenshot would look fine without the logo.
    >> However, I do think the logo should be in there somewhere. The only
    >> thing I can think of to put at the top would be the list of articles
    >> that are going to be published or have recently been published. This
    >> is similar what this area is used for in LiveSupport.
    >> Also, do we want to use the same color scheme as LiveSupport? I
    >> think it would be more obvious that we were in a different
    >> application if we used different colors.
    >> - Paul

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    . www.cbt3.com


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