[campsite-dev] Raed on the FCK editor
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    This is from Raed, who used the wrong address to post to the list, so the
    message was rejected. I am sure Paul will have some feedback as he has
    battled FCK already. (no need to cc. raed separately, he is subscribed to
    the list).

    Hi Paul,

    We have been installing BLOG::CMS script for one of our clients when we
    noticed the the integrated editor is perfect for pasting text from word. It
    cleans out all the junk tags without losing the layout. We tested it using
    english and arabic and I think it's exactly what we need in terms of text

    Of course it has a special "Word paste" button so we must standard pasting
    methods with it.

    The editor is called FCKEditor, url: http://www.fckeditor.net/=20

    Take a look at it, it seems pretty great.


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