[campsite-dev] Re: [campsite-core] The Tracker (attn. BRAJA and Sebastian)
  • well, i talked to Sebastian about it, forwarded to him all the email
    correspondence related to the issue, and he confirmed that he
    understands where we are and where do we want to go.

    so, Sebastian, please confirm that you're working on the thing and give
    us some rough time estimates. as i said before, we can create an account
    for you on the TOL server if you want to see the tracker in real life,
    or we could send you the TOL tracker database (don't know if that would
    work without the TOL campsite database though) or if we can do something
    else for you, just name it.

    thank you,

    PS. so Savo, what list should i use? i guess Sebastian is on the DEV

    sava.tatic@mdlf.org wrote:
    > Brajo,
    > What is the status with the Tracker? If any more discussions are needed,
    > let's do them on the DEV list because Florian is there too.
    > Sebastian, how are things going on your side? I know you've been busy with
    > the LS test machine, just want to hear if you'd made any progress meanwhile
    > and whether you have a clear idea of what you are going to do to complete
    > Florian's project.
    > Brajo, please keep the list informed of the project. You are managing this
    > one.
    > Thanks in advance,
    > Sava

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