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    At 01:52 15.03.2005, you wrote:
    >I guess I misunderstood the chain of emails about the pulldown menu. I
    >thought the consensus was to come up with a different design for the header
    >and pulldown menu that's why I sent over the old menu. Sorry about that.

    hi sangita, doug, frans,

    you are all right, i should say... Wink

    the idea is that in the long term:

    a) all campware software has some consistent look and feel in the HTML
    interface. the first step to achieve that would be to think of a consistent
    header and navigation for all software packages. in theory it would not
    matter what javascript / CSS / HTML pulldown solution we would settle with.

    b) the campware coding olymp is built from a small yet amazingly efficient
    and innovative group of people who are working on different products. since
    the projects come from different demands, times and financial brackets,
    they have developed to some extent independently from each other. they all
    do great work, but i thought we could improve the production cycles of new
    features and/or designs by standardising some of the interface elements. if
    we have one method to include new modules into the interface, that would
    make it easier to work on the libraries and classes under the hood - and
    throw them to the surface with the same method for all packages.

    c) the same goes for the CSS naming and logic. at the end of the day, forms
    and lists make up 80% of the interface operations. once we decide on a CSS
    / HTML logic for these elements, it could make the development much easier.
    you can even start a new application based on the existing CSS.

    at the end of the day that would mean...

    0. to have this discussion at a later stage...

    1. to possibly throw this into a days workshop for the upcoming campware

    2. decide on one method that could fit all packages (in HTML)

    3. accept the fork under the time pressure for now, but let's try to run
    that extra lap to make life easier in the long term.

    4. split the CSS into two files??? one for the standards and one for the
    software specific interfaces, such as the scheduler in livesupport - with
    their own name spaces even Wink

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