[campsite-dev] the new tracker
  • Dear All

    Florian has completed the bulk of his work on the traffic tracker for
    Campsite. Please take a look at it. Any ideas regarding integrating the
    tracker in the global Campsite integration would be appreciated. To use all
    features of the tracker (user and topic ID tracking), you need to upgrade
    to 2.1.7rc1, which you can find here:


    You can download the new tracker here:



    ----- Forwarded by Sava Tatic/Mdlf on 03/07/05 06:22 PM -----

    hi sava,

    here the tracker files. i am not sure about the way to implement the
    in the global campsite installation.

    -bugfix: returning visitors can be identified by cookie
    -two new tracking-parameter are added: topic identifier and user identifier
    -simple report in the admin directory renders reports of the

    will follow:
    -specified campsite report

    hope, this match your expectations.

    best florian

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