Re: [campsite-dev] tracking campsite
  • gif is ok.
    i don't exactly understand the rest.
    as for sections, articles... why couldn't the analyzer just take the
    page names (title tag)?


    Micz Flor wrote:
    > >my favourite way is to implement a counting gif to get the parameters. what
    > >parameters need to be tracked to identify one site clearly?
    > the main issue is, why i also favour the invisible gif at the moment: there
    > is no coherent way at the moment by which campsite knows if it displays a
    > section or an article. these parameters need to be assigned by the webadmin
    > and could be included in the templates.
    > >what about the
    > >session und user management?
    > this is currently changing as i think the PHP implementation will bring
    > this up again. don't know. mugur? paul?
    > >we need a central element, which can render the
    > >counting gif on every site. i think, it is not a good idea, to make this in
    > >the templates. if somebody forgets the counting gif we get lossy datas. is
    > >there any element which is included by every campsite-site?
    > for the time being, i would like to see a capsule that passes on the
    > parameters to the log classes. these parameters could come from anywhere.
    > to start with they come from the gif in the templates. very soon, they come
    > from the smarty templates? from an extension to the smarty class?
    > my questions to mugur and paul at this stage would be: if we use caching,
    > does that still call the class? or will it deliver plain HMTL?
    > another consideration: the more we move the logging into the campsite
    > admin, the more we need to think about the specification of 'section
    > variables' similar to the way they are used in the banner management
    > software that ondra showed us. forgot the name.
    > what i mean: at a later stage, the admin will go into the admin of campsite
    > and activate the log analyser, tell the log analyser wome framework data,
    > i.e. count all requests with this and this and this template as articles.
    > count all requrest with this and this template as section, this one as
    > archive ... and so on.
    > this is for later. i think. but because that is needed the way campsite
    > works, i favour the gif thing for now and the idea that for starters, the
    > parameters are passed on from the template and set by the admin inside the
    > template. later, these parameters can come from a smarty extension, or
    > something else.
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