Re: [campsite-dev] File Storage RFC
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    Subject: Re: [campsite-dev] [livesupport-dev] File Storage RFC
    Author: John Pye
    Date: Mon, 26 Jul 2004 01:46:27 +0000
    *native metadata formats*
    Is there any intention to use the native metadata formats available with most media files, eg MP3 ID3 tags, JPEG IPTC/EXIF tags, PDF metadata, etc. At least for when you're uploading music to be played, this would cut down a lot on the metadata that would have to be entered (tools like cdex and musicbrainz can automatically add your metadata to MP3 music files). I realise there would be plenty of metadata fields that you need in addition to, for example, the standard ID3 ones though; so you'd
    still need the metadata get/set RPC calls.
    BTW I couldn't find out anything on 'Alib' (except for some assembly language library), do you have a URL for that, or is it another part of
    the LiveSupport project?

    Also, what is the relationship between this project and your Charlie/Sablotron-powered media storage project?

    Hi, from palmtop Wink

    ad ID3: I'd like to use it to read all usable data from mediafile during
    file insert operation with possibility to edit and complete metadata later.
    I've tested getid3 PHP class and it seems to be usable.

    ad Alib: this part of Livesupport is in beta state on CVS with a brief doc.
    It's provides authorisation of actions on objects for users/roles
    (and authentication).

    ad MMA - charlie powered storage: it's alternative for central media archive,
    I use it as inspiration for Livesupport local storage.
    May be we use local storage module to central too instead of MMA
    (with some changes of course)

    Tomas Hlava

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