Re: [campsite-dev] Summercamp 2004: research and presentations on the new development platform
  • Ondro,

    Hold your horses for the functionality discussion thread, which we can
    start next week. This thread is for the platform discussion only and I
    would like to have some consensus about who is going to present what.
    Otherwise, I tend to agree with you.


    Ondra Koutek
    07/16/04 07:45 Subject: Re: [campsite-dev] Summercamp 2004: research and presentations on the new
    PM development platform
    Please respond
    to campsite-dev

    Why not to add multiple independent newspapers in one campsite instance?

    While rewriting campsite I would welcome parser to became Apache module
    taking care for any campsite database you configure.

    I would also welcome change in cron jobs like gather. I do not like
    receiving 4 gather notification per instance per day, as most of my
    emails are about to be these. IMHO it would worth to make rc file where
    admin can enable the list of events he wish to be notified about.


    On Fri, 2004-07-16 at 14:27, wrote:
    > The quick list of differences would be:
    > 1. Absolutely granular user rights and correspondingly granular user
    > interface = everyone is a happy camper, from the admin god to the most
    > technophobic journalist out there
    > 2. Absolutely no techie mumbojumbo in terminology
    > 3. Support for issue/section structure
    > 4. Advanced multilingual support (we will enhance this in ways previously
    > unseen in the CMS world, trust me Wink
    > 5. Absolute control of localization/naming of strings = control of the
    > end-user interface
    > Best,
    > Sava

    > Nenad Pandzic

    > z> cc:

    > Subject: Re:
    [campsite-dev] Summercamp 2004: research and presentations on the new
    > 07/16/04 04:14 development platform

    > PM

    > Please respond

    > to campsite-dev



    > > A. most CMS's are not built for the type of application we are
    > > creating - the one to drive a news publication, and
    > It could be useful to declare the main differences between other CMS's
    > and the application we'd like to create. To see, where is the
    > difference only in name ('article' versus 'news') and where is the
    > difference in some functionality ('issues').
    > Nenad

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