[campsite-support] apple and campsite: java/browser etc.
  • thought this list would benefit from our picture editor who experimented
    and realised that the only working set up for campsite on macintosh is:

    - firefox browser with
    - java version 1.3.1

    java 1.4.2 only works with safari, but does not work with the current
    campfire/java editor. IE never worked with with campfire, he concludes.

    At 19:13 04.01.2005, you wrote:

    >firefox braucht java version 1.3.1 - mit ner beta java zusatzfunktion kann
    >es jetzt auch 1.4.2
    >benutzen und damit kommt man dann final in den texteditor.

    das solltest du eigentlich auf unserer campsite support liste posten... ich
    mach das mal

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