[campsite-support] install procedure
  • following up one of the questions from armenia:

    At 09:15 24.12.2004, you wrote:
    >Is there a self install utility that can be used to install campsite or
    >the whole system including the required Linux OS and various versions of
    >the components such as php, mysql and apache?

    no, there isn't. in general we try to make the install process easy to
    those who already have their LAMP server running. the *out of the box*
    install CD is not available. the main reason being: for the current version
    of campsite we don't believe their is a market for install CDs Wink market
    not in the sense of *sales* but simply because to install campsite you need
    root access, you need to compile on your server and you need to know have
    server admin knowledge to maintain and run campsite (hey, even if it
    doesn't crash ever!!!)

    instead of a 'all in one' install CD it would be more interesting to think
    of a package that could be installed via apt, emerge or yum. that would
    mean that you hae your debian, gentoo or fedora installation up and running
    and can install campsite through the internet with a single line command.

    this will most probably become available with the next big campsite
    release, which brings quite a few major changes in software architecture.

    hope this clarifies the current situation,

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