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  • The lack of APC should not be an obstacle to installation (I've done
    numerous installations without it, adding APC only later, so I speak from
    direct experience). I assume you'd proceeded to the next stage (if not,
    please do so). What other errors/symptoms have you encountered.

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    Date: 07/27/2009 04:40 PM

    Subject: [campsite-support] [Campsite Support] Re: Installation

    Author: jhmorenof

    this is my problem I can't install

    Exception is APC. We highly recommend to enable PHP APC caching system so
    that your site will perform much better. However, this is not mandatory and
    you still will be able to continue with the installation process.

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  • i didn't save the errors. there were about cron, couldn't write,somwhere 400 and something line wehere in installation file start info about cron

    i don't know what to do with cron

    install folder: should be deleted

    what can i use instead of apc. the host provider it will not install apc.