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Re: [campsite-support] Image failure
  • Hi Sean,

    Sorry for late reply, maybe the apache user doesn't have the right to write in
    /tmp directory anymore. Did you do some configuration lately?

    Anyway, I'd have to investigate but unfortunatelly I don't have time right now.
    I'll try to find some time on Wednesday or Thursday.


    --- Sean Flynn wrote:

    > Hi.
    > When I try to add an image to a story it fails. It looks like it is
    > going to add it but then does not.
    > I get the following briefly onscreen after I click "save changes" on the
    > Add New Image screen:
    > executing
    > full_path_to_site / outlook-rockies.ca /script / process_i
    > 'QV0mwth73k8AAAVPHXQ'
    > Adding new image
    > then it returns to the default Add New Image screen and the image has
    > NOT been added.
    > I did have to restart the server that this site lifes on just before
    > this problem arose. It seems that the campsite_server was not serving
    > pages at all. A restart fixed that.
    > By the way - Can anybody tell me the correct way to restart campsite
    > without having to reboot the server?
    > - regards
    > Sean

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