problem with visualization of puslished
  • Hi there,

    I have installed NC 4.1.1 on shared hosting, i can make everything on the backend.I have read the manual, and i have create my first issue, applied a template, create sections and write my first article.The problem is: where is my article?when i open my first page, i can see only the title.... but not the body of article.

    Please help.

    I did not find the right solution from the internet.
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  • Hi Kang, Newscoop is no longer being developed or supported.

    I would suggest firstly that you use version 4.1.2 (instead of 4.1.1) as that was the last version of the 4.1 branch.

    There can be many reasons for you not seeing the article - the first can simply be that you have not updated the article renditions for the theme (if you go to 'Configure' in the admin menu and then click on 'Image rendering' and update/save that might work).

    Other reasons can be theme-specific so it will be helpful to know what theme you are using - and the most common theme-specific issue is that you have not installed some of the legacy plugins (such as 'polls' and 'debate' and 'Soundcloud' etc.) and these are being called in the theme.

    Although you are using shared hosting you should also be able to access the Apache error log file and this might also have some errors which you can paste into a forum message and someone should be able to help with.