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  • Top 3 high rated coolers for the performance and affordable price in 2020

    The need to find high quality and affordable coolers is always a priority. The longer ice is kept, the better the vacation. To choose a good cooler, we have three fundamental elements to qualify: mobility, design, and performance. By standing out, other brands that include these factors, Igloo, Yeti, and Lifetime are highlighted on the market.

    1. Igloo MaxCold Cooler - best cooler for price

    It can be said that the Igloo MaxCold Cooler is one of the Best Coolers For Camping  and the most affordable high-quality coolers due to its basic sustainable design and “Ultratherm” insulation. Made with Jet Carbon, the MaxCold’s sustainability level can be compared with the tensile strength of the bicycle frame or a motorcycle helmet. Also, the material is featherlight, so that there is no issue in handling it for a long time. There are several sizes for you to choose from based on your purpose – 40 quarts, 52 quarts, 100 quarts, and 165 quarts.

    And how about the cooling ability of the MaxCold cooler? It will blow your mind if you know how long it can keep everything cold in one carbon box: 40 hours to 70 hours! In other words, imagine that you go on a long journey with your family for five to seven days, and you put one bottle of Corona in the cooler; after getting back, you will still be able to enjoy ribs with your cold Corona taken out from the MaxCold cooler.

    2. Yeti Tundra 45 Cooler – best cooler for keeping ice

    If the price is not a big issue with you and finding the best performance cooler is your requirement, the Tundra 45 cooler must be your consideration. This workhorse is well-known not only for its robust design but also its ultimate insulation ability.

    Different from other coolers, Yeti has surprised customers with its seven-centimeter-thick-wall, which takes its sturdy design to a whole new level. The size might disappoint us a little bit, however. Even though it is stated to have 45 quarts of capacity, the Tundra 45 actually has only 38 quarts of volume. However, this feature does not affect its ultimate insulation ability that much, so there is no need to overly worry about it.

    Turning to the ice cooling function, Tundra 45’s insulation level is considered to have flat out beat the competition. Within well-known thick walls as well as a rotomolded design, this cooler can easily pass the test of keeping products cold continuously for 24 hours just with a three-gram-ice pack! Interestingly, the temperature inside the box reduces by almost 25°, which is maintained for nearly three days.

    To sum up, the Tundra 45 is consistently considered as one of the best performance coolers.

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    3. Lifetime High-Performance Cooler – Best design:

    What does a fancy cooler sound to you? If you get turned on with this, then the Lifetime cooler is what you need. With its affordable budget, modern design, and excellent performance, Lifetime has won many a customer’s attention.

    Even though it is advertised having a capacity of 55 quarts, this fancy cooler has a more significant volume of 64 quarts. Similar to Yeti and Orca, having basic features such as dual latch locks, roped handles and heavy-duty construction, but with unique designs (camo colors, elegant white, etc.) Lifetime already stands out in the crowd.

    Different designs but not lower quality, this deluxe cooler still possesses an ultimate insulation level, which can retain cold with a three-gram-ice pack over 48 hours (it can even reduce the temperature inside by almost 25°). Compared to Igloo or Yeti, Lifetime firmly offers the same level of keeping ice cold. Still, with elegant design and more affordable price of $100.00, the Lifetime cooler has gained more satisfaction than the other two competitors.

    Final words

    Shopping for a cooler for your next camping trip during summer is as important as finding a chilled-out friend to go with you. So, spend some time reading our picks  Best Coolers In The World. It can save a lot of time later on if your fresh beverages get ruined with an underperforming ice chest.

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