Airtime computer crashed and unrecoverable. How to proceed?
  • Hello, we were happily using Airtime for 5 years at our community radio station. I had it on Debian Wheezy. I have not been able to rebuild a Wheezy machine, so I tried Ubuntu 18.04, and am not having any luck there either, due to certain required components being now uninstallable.

    I am curious if anyone knows a solution. Is there a way to get Airtime back? (I looked into LibreTime, but I do not think it is going to work for us.) I am looking for someone who can point me to a real way to install Airtime 2.5.2 or 2.5.1 on a Linux box. I have been poking around for 2 months trying to accomplish this, and nothing but frustration so far.
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  • Having the exact same issue.

    Thanks for the heads up on LibreTime, this looks like the way to go as the support from sourcefabric has been zero for years now.