Updating metada directly without airtime interface (with command line)
  • HI all, 

    Sometimes DJ forget to fill METADATA in their mix so i made a script (bash) to upload directly the "cc_files" table on postrgresql DB.
    After i am done with the "UPDATE column....." I need to update the LIBRARY with a:

    All seem done but there 's something that i forget  because when liquidsoap start the track the metadata on ICECAST (http://mysite:8000/status-json.xsl) still remaining as before i start to update them (is like it don't see the update that i did).

    The script work before to broadcast the track.
    So the "little" question is: "How airtime upload the metadata stream stat"? (or: what command i miss?).

    Thanks for your attention

    PS: airtime 2.5.1 on Debian 7
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