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How can i install campsite
  • Hello

    In trying to install campsite in my server but i dont manage to install it.

    I create a database

    I upload the files

    Know when i type install they dont do nathing

    Please help me here i dont manage much of internet and i will love the help of the ones who have installed the script

    Please help me here

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  • I have tried to find out about campsite several times over the past year and always found the site lacking in info. I thought it sounded like a good project and was frustrated at how little I could find out about it.

    SO I was excited to find the new look site etc today but then discovered, to my complete dismay, the same lack of info.

    Then I came in here to see if it was all happening in the forum and find this poor sod posted this plea for help nearly 2 months ago and not one single response - and his/her question is completely reasonable and pretty basic for people to answer.

    Sorry - this is the last time I bother with campsite. ITs just plain ridiculous.

    Alexis - sorry you didnt get a reply. THat isnt fair. Try Mambo or something instead. Smile
  • I see the problem is you did not went through manual. Note, that part of the system is in C++ language and whole system needs to be compilled prior instalation.

    1) download sources
    2) untar them to some place
    3) read manual
    4) prepare Apache's virtual host
    5) create empty database and user with proper rights
    6) in sources run ./install to start configuration and instalation.

    Campsite cannot be installed to one place and than copied to another, this will proke the application.
    Campsite has dependencies so read manual and install them prior campsite.
    Install campsite logged as root.
  • Jacki,

    Perhaps you'd like to help us out in communicating better.

    Have a nice day,

  • Jacki,

    Perhaps you'd like to help us out in communicating better.

    Have a nice day,