publish from superdesk to ftp server?
  • Hi! I am new to superdesk. I am reading emails and ingesting it to superdesk desk. From here I need to do the modifications to the resources (if required) and then I have to send it to FTP server. At particular time I am running a cronjob that reads the content from the ftp server and pulls the articles in my another application.

    I was able to receive email ingest and now it's showing on the desk. Now, From this desk I want to publish. But I don't have a Publish option in settings. I do have publish from and publish per article but that is limited within the desk I guess. 

    When I do publish an article from the desk its just going to different stages or in different desk. I want to send the content to FTP server. I know I have to set the server details somewhere(Publish option) and direct on it. But I don't know where did I missed the things. Coz I don't have Publish option in my superdesk settings.