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  • Thien Duong Cave is one of the most attractive destinations in Quang Binh. This destination still retains its pristine features, so if you are a adventurous person who likes novelty, do not miss this place. Before going to Dulichviet send you the specific Thien Duong cave travel experiences and valuable details below. You can see more articles about equipping knowledge about Quang Binh tourism experience here >>>

    Travel experience Thien Duong cave 2019

    Dong Thien Duong has many caves running one after another along with countless stalactites designed for millions of years flowing from the cave ceiling to the ground with countless strange shapes. In the stalactite cave is mixed with quartz under dim lights and proceed to the next steps to have a perfect trip.

    How to get to Thien Duong Cave, Quang Binh

    To reach Thien Duong cave, you can go by car or train with extremely convenient information as follows:

    + Cars you can choose the car that runs Hanoi - Quang Binh: Usually these trips depart at 18h and reach Quang Binh at 4am the next morning. If the route is from Ho Chi Minh City, then it will run and enter Dong Hoi at 22h. Traveling from Hanoi to Quang Binh is relatively easy, just costs about 200,000 VND

    + Train: If you choose the Thong Nhat S3 or S6 train, the departure time at the beginning of Hanoi is at 23h and in Saigon is at 12h20 then come to Dong Hoi in about 7 to 10am the next morning.

    After going all the way to Quyet 20 to visit Tam Co cave to offer incense, you will discover Paradise cave right there.

    The specific route is Thien Duong Cave

    Method: You can rent a motorbike with the price ranging from 100,000-150,000 VND / day at the hotel where you stop or motorbike taxi points at the beginning of the day. You go straight from Tran Hung Dao Street, less than 15 minutes by car on the Ho Chi Minh road, the road leading to Phong Nha - Ke Bang.

    From Dong Hoi you go straight on Ho Chi Minh road about 30km and then you will come to the fork to follow the direction of Phong Nha and Ke Bang caves. From that junction, dia diem du lich you turn another way to Dong Duong T-junction and turn left towards the direction of Thien Duong Grotto 16km to reach the unfinished resort. You park there and then walk 1.5km and climb 524 steps to reach Thien Duong cave.


    The advice for you is not to save 60k on motorbike taxi to the foot of the mountain because when stepping 524 steps up the cave is enough to take away your health and endurance.
    The road from Ho Chi Minh intersection to Thien Duong cave is very beautiful and wonderful, you should stop to admire the scenery, bathe in the stream to feel the majestic, green nature. This is also a polar area with many unexplored caves, so the cool and windy feeling will make you remember forever.

    Visit 7km inside Thien Duong cave

    Ticket price to visit Thien Duong cave

    Currently 250k / person.
    Electric vehicle rental price is 60,000 VND / way or 100,000 VND / 2 way
    Paradise Cave is an extremely famous natural wonder in the heart of Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park. The cave has a length of up to 31.5km, with a height of 40 to 100m and a width of 150m. In very dynamic temperatures the temperature fluctuates between 18 and 19 degrees Celsius.

    Just set foot in the cave, you will be overwhelmed by the shimmering beauty, fanciful system of stalagmites, stalactites here. To visit the most interesting cave, you should follow a guided tour to hear the specific description of the cave.

    Eat and drink in Thien Duong cave

    There is no food in the cave and outside, so you can bring snacks along the way to visit the cave (but do not throw rubbish in the cave but keep good hygiene). If you want to find a place to stop to enjoy Quang Binh specialties with good prices, you should stop at Moocery restaurant with the fee for a meal is about 100k / person.

    Above is the necessary information about specific Thien Duong cave travel experience and hopefully you have an additional choice for your new destination. Do not forget to record the memorable moments and about sharing with the forum. Dulichfun wish you always good luck on all roads.

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