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  • Gooseneck sink faucet

    304 stainless steel sink faucet, gooseneck stainless steel round body, very luxurious and modern, Faucet head is designed to create foam so it does not shoot water out during use. Material of thick stainless steel faucet, gloss High, anti-fouling, especially does not contain lead to ensure water safety. With an elegant design, this stainless steel dishwasher can rotate 360 ​​degrees, very convenient to use. Installation is very simple, so you can replace yourself at home without a technician to assist, very suitable for your family.

    304 stainless steel dishwasher faucet
    The gooseneck pressure washer faucet thanks to the water pressure boosts all the vegetable dust and dirt for your family, the product is manufactured according to European standards to bring a luxurious appearance, and ensure hygiene and safety in your family

    Some notes when choosing kitchen faucet

    When choosing a kitchen faucet, the user needs to specify the demand, how much the investment cost is for his equipment, if you do not want to pay more for a kitchen tap, you can choose the type of faucet to wash cold, If you want to choose hot and cold kitchen faucet, of course, the price will be more expensive because there is a separate setting but in Vietnam, homeowners should pay attention to avoid hand burns due to the hot water and also help protect children in the host family.
    This stainless steel kitchen sink has a versatile rotating capacity that is suitable for large sinks, sinks with a variety of sizes, styles, and variety depending on the needs of use. But if your family regularly uses a kitchen faucet to wash larger household items, which are higher than regular items like bottles, then you will definitely need a kitchen faucet high or possible. Flexible height changes.

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