Botanicula - Adventure in A Wonder Natural Land

  • Botanicula is a “point and click” puzzle adventure game that takes players into the natural world with beautiful images. Besides this game, you can explore more Android games at the link 


    Botanicula is designed and developed by Amanita Design, which has introduced one of the best "point and click" adventure games: Machinarium. Like its predecessor, Botanicula is a striking point-and-click

    adventure game.

    While discovering and learning about the world around us, we realize more and more charming and exciting things about the surrounding nature. Adventure games in the natural world like Botanicula will bring you

    excellent experiences. Let’s explore and have fun. 

    During the in-game journey, Botanicula allows players to become 5 characters with different abilities in a fascinating storyline. 

    Besides, the leading factor that makes the game receive a lot of positive feedback from the gaming community is its beautiful graphics.


    Five characters in Botanicula have their own abilities that will be useful for gamers in certain situations during the game. The main character named Lantern is a small orange tree that can absorb seeds directly into

    his body, which makes his body glow and have more energy.


    The second character is Mrs Mushroom, the only female member of the group with special ability to create her own copy as well as shrink the body. Mr Poppy Head is the strongest person in the group, while Mr

    Feather is the smallest and possesses the ability to fly.

    Finally, Mr Twig looks like a branch with arms stretching. With each of these abilities, the player needs to memorize and manipulate appropriately in different situations during the game.

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    How to play

    Your task is to find required items, solve puzzles to overcome the obstacles on the way. Although this may seem boring to the player, Botanicula still has its own ways to surprise.

    During the game's journey, there are no guides and you will be the one to discover what is waiting for you. Dragging around the environment in the game will help the player find the hidden arrows to see the next


    Although every action in Botanicula merely uses point and click system and follow the paths made available in the game (for example, click on the bud to blossom), developers have smart ways to make you do not

    stop speculating. There are several times when the player must point to push objects away; there are other times to manipulate merely click and drag into a predefined area in the game.

    Facing with many obstacles along the way, players will have to use the ability of each member smartly. You will not know what is waiting and Botanicula is also arousing creativity where the player allows you to try

    any idea that appears in the head. The arrows along the way can completely take the player to the dead; then you will have to go back and find another way.


    Apart from interesting characters, beautiful visuals and the ability to expand the player's imagination, the game also has background music and emotional effects from sad to happy, which stir players’ emotion

    during the trip with five happy friends. 

    In General, 

    From all of the information above, we can see that Botanicula is a puzzle game that can not ignore. Don’t waste any time, let buy this game for only $3 and share your experience in this game with us.

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