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Campsite Requires register_globals
  • Since most default PHP installations today turn off register_globals by default--and for good reasons--you will need to turn on register_globals for your Campsite installation.

    Do this by either setting

    register_globals = On

    in php.ini

    - or (the preferred way) -

    Leave register_globals set to Off in php.ini so that, by default, all sites on your server will have that level of security added, but in the VirtualHost section for your Campsite site in Apache, add the following line:

    php_flag register_globals on

    Restart Apache, and all will be fine!

    On my soapbox:

    Applications should NOT have register_globals turned on due to grevious security risks that the global variables impose on applications. All applications should be coded in such a way that globals are not required. Please read http://www.php.net/register_globals for more information.