Default Content Profile fields
  • Is there a way to modify which fields show up and are required by default?

    I have a content profile in place that includes fields such as Featured Media, and removes fields that I don't need. But I noticed that when fetching an article from an RSS feed, that it loads it into some type of Default Content Profile that includes fields that I don't want.

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  • hi, you can set in your DEFAULT_CONTENT_PROFILE = 'profile-id' which should be used for ingested items
  • Hmm, I'm missing something here.

    I copied the ID from the URL on the settings page:

    And put this as the last line in /opt/superdesk/server/ and restarted:

    DEFAULT_CONTENT_PROFILE = '5bcb8c7a4d3bdb3342321db9'

    But when I fetch an article from an RSS feed, it still loads with the default fields.

    What am I missing?