Any active developers on Airtime?
  • We've been using Airtime now for 24/7 LIVE radio broadcasting (and internet streaming) for the last three years. It works great for most of what we do, but we're in dire need of some improvements.

    We've been evaluating Airtime Pro but it lacks some key features especially the ability for us to run custom jobs on the airtime machine itself. Basically we can't auto import news items that are sometimes updated only minutes before they're meant to air (we're a network of non profit radio stations so we don't operate like the commercial people!). Also Airtime Pro doesn't detect uploading of duplicate files and creates a new file in the database if you upload the same file ( replaces an existing file that is "the same"). You might be wondering why we do this. We've got a particular philosophy around one's Music database...

    Is there anyone active on Or would anyone be keen to get active there? Maybe even start a new, active fork?
    There are some issues coming up such as the end of life of Flash, and we require producing radio logs for advertisers. I'd also like to run Airtime on newer Ubuntu OS but last time I tried there were all sorts of dependencies that need updating and it seemed like a monumental task. 

    We're at the point where we either need to stick with Airtime and start actively updating and developing it, go with something like RCS ($25k to get over the line then about $1k/month, we're based in NZ), or maybe even start from scratch and build a new open sourced media automation thing (I saw a comment about video and we'd love to have a 24/7 live video+radio stream). Airtime does some stuff really well, and the team have been very responsive to my queries on features and the state of the open source branch.

    We'd like to contribute to Airtime in some way, so I'm keen to connect with others in the community.

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