• In feng shui people often forget to pay attention to the important thing that its hydrologic effects are very strong in the home is the faucet. Especially the kitchen faucets review.
    According to feng shui theory, "paint management nail - water management". Water plays an important role in human life. Ancient countries attract and activate the fortune.

    If the water curves harmony, the heart of people arise many good ideas, family agreement. If it is swift, straight, sloppy, everything can be detrimental, causing many calamities.

    Tap water in the kitchen faucets review is very important. There is a sentence: "Disease from the mouth, the pain from the mouth out." When the stove is in direct contact with the sink faucet, the person in the house or the intestinal tract, the stomach, the family member, or irregular heartburn, quarrel with each other often, although not reasonable. What are the legitimate, or the trivialities that speak loudly, even lead to divorce.

    Here are eight taboos that should be avoided when fitting a home faucet:

    1. The first taboo is that tapes that do not flow straight out of the way will lead to the loss of property that people call "money out like water".

    Second - Second taboo is that the stove should not be placed directly in the faucet, otherwise it will be caught by the gas entering the door, which is very harmful.

    3 - The third taboo is a rotating faucet on the sink, but not toward the stove or rice cooker. Sinks should not be placed near the stove because the sink has water on the water tank and the stove is under fire. Water conflict is very bad. It is best to move the sink directly from the stove and from the sink to the stove at least 60cm away.

    If a trowel is in direct contact with the stove (especially on the side of the stove), it is difficult to change the position, it can be made simple, high and cover the faucet directly on the side of the kitchen faucets review. oven. However, how to make a simple partition, aesthetic.

    4 - The fourth taboo is under the kitchen faucets review should not put drainage pipe or gas flowing through it so it will penetrate the heart, hung. Placing sewers and pipes close to the wall will not adversely affect the members of the family.

    5 - The fifth taboo is that the faucet is not projected into the bedroom door, when invisible to be infected with hydrolipes also affect health, money is erratic fluctuation.

    6 - The sixth taboo is to avoid the tap on the south side of the house. This is the direction that is relevant to your name and reputation. The male statue symbolizes the fire. Fire and water always engraved, so putting water in the south would create negative energy, known as the "kill". According to the feng shui experts, the elements will bring to you and your family.

    7 - The seventh taboo is not to design lakes and rocky indoors. A stagnant pond in the house, backed up blocks as protruding as the mountains, between the lake has several bungalows standing quietly a dark scene.

    According to the feng shui concept, rivers and lakes, mountains must reconcile with heaven and earth to be natural. Therefore, it is only a good idea to set up a pond and garden in the garden or outside. The most reasonable is located in the corner right in the main direction north, east, southeast.

    8 - The eighth taboo is not to decorate the water tank in the bedroom, no matter what direction. Experts said that water in the bedroom will bring anxiety should put in the common space.

    If you want to increase positive energy in your home, you can add water feng shui decorations. In addition, if you buy a fountain that has the ability to circulate certain essential oils into the air, it also doubles the beneficial energy in the house.
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