Take a look on our installation
  • Hi, 

    We have sat up superdesk and publisher on two servers to have as a test and evaluation environment before we decide if we are going to choose Superdesk as our CMS in the future.

    However we can see that somethings is still missing in the installation. For example are we not able to create a new desk as the desk type is missing.

    I wonder if there is someone who could help us and take a quick look at our installations and maybe guide us so that the installation will work properly?

    Thanks, would really appreciate some help.

    Carl Gustafsson
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  • hi, I think you're missing some initial data needed to run it, you can populate it running command:

    python manage.py app:initialize_data

    in superdesk/server folder.

    regarding assistance you can contact sourcefabric on contact@sourcefabric.org