Monitor RabbitMQ queues and exchanges
  • I am interested in using Splunk to monitor queue depths and message timings on a RabbitMQ install. I've found the AMQP modular input plugin, but it seems that this plugin actually pulls messages from the queues, which I don't want to do. The rabbit management UI has some ootb graph widgets which would be useful, but I'd like to provide a single dashboard for monitoring this data in Splunk software.

    What's the best way to approach this scenario? Is this plugin correct? Do I need to observe the Rabbit logs (they are pretty verbose and would consume a fair chunk of index volume)
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  • Hi Sarah,
    I think the question is not related to Booktype. We use celery with RabbitMQ backend for running workers and celery beat. I personally use RabbitMQ web management plugin.