Any suggestions for 2nd level Nginx reverse-proxy config
  • Hi,

    I used the automated installation shell script, so I am up and running and can login to the web UI.  I also see the nginx config that gets deployed as part of the automated install.

    I have deployed within an intranet (not visible on the internet) - this is standard in my dev life-cycle.  Typically, I rely on a single nginx reverse-proxy for everything I want to expose.  

    I have been trying to get Superdesk working through this reverse proxy (which uses letsencrypt to provide ssl, but terminates to non-ssl servers within the intranet).  The intention is to share whatever config I finally get working.

    So, basically I want to do:
    • P ==> N ==> Superdesk components

    N is the Nginx server setup by the auto-install script on the system system where all of Superdesk components are deployed  .. and my biggest issue is how to ensure all components work well when accessed via P (which is an nginx reverse-proxy server)  .. 

    Any pointers or suggestions on how I might go about this?  
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