Ingest FTP NewsML 1.2 from AAP
  • Howdy all! 

    I have managed to get Superdesk setup on a Digital Ocean droplet to test out functionality and make a proof of concept that I can pitch to my board of directors. Our company also has a contract with AAP and we currently grab our stories via FTP xml files. Try as I might, I cannot seem to get Superdesk to ingest the feed. Here's the settings:

    Feed Settings: FTP feed
    Feed Parser: News ML 1.2 Parser
    Host/User/Pass: all confirmed correct, I can log just fine using a ftp client. 
    Path: /
    Local Path: /tmp

    I've tried a lot of local paths to no avail. Although, I did notice a cheeky xml file did at some point land in the tmp directory so I'm guessing I'm close. I figure since superdesk was created with a lot of input from the folks at AAP, this would be a little smoother, so it must be a shortcoming in my knowledge.

    Any help getting this bad boy to work would be greatly appreciated!
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  • Hi Kyle,

    Is the parser correctly ingesting files if you place them in the local folder? The local folder needs to be mounted and accessible to the ingest process.

    PS: You can contact me directly using
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