tutorial: How to install Airtime to an Ubuntu 12.04 vps
  • Those are the steps for Airtime installation to an Ubuntu VPS. Although it supposed to have an automatic installation procedure, in reality, there are several issues during install (locale, Alsa drivers, postgresql etc.) that hangs up the setup, most of the times because of a poor template in the providers.

    So, I wrote an easy step-by-step installation that is working like a charm, at least for several of my boxes.

    Airtime is a fabulus piece of software that turns a vps in a full radio automation system, with capability of restreaming, live shows by any dj, scheduling, even recording and uploading live shows and music to soundcloud!

    I run it perfectly in a 512 MB 2vcpu core VPS having tested with 70+ listeners, and the load was never over 0.20 (including transcoding while playing an mp3 from the internal storage, for one radio station – I have not tested with multiple radio stations in the same box or multiple streams).

    Memory usage (including apache and postgre) is not exceeding 170-200MB.