Book export not working
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    Hi there,
    I installed booktype from snapshot deb pakage on Ubuntu
    16.04, it works, but exporting a book to epub, pdf or docx is just
    displaying "Exporting, please wait" and no result....

    Celery is working but gives these errors:
    22:51:41] DEBUG [booktype:110] {'input': 'input.epub', 'assets':
    'outputs': {u'docx': {'profile': u'docx', 'output':
    '', 'config': {'theme': {'id':
    u'academic'}, 'project_id': u'testare-1', 'settings': {u'cover_image':
    u' ', u'styling': u''}}}}}
    [13/Apr/2018 22:51:42] ERROR [booktype:37]
    Got 403 response code when loading URL
    22:51:42] ERROR [booktype:119] Could not send the publishing request to

    Please help.