Can I do this and that?
  • Can I do this and that?


    I'm developping another audio streaming project aimed at webradios. Our project (savonet) is much more modest than yours, but I keep hoping that it has interest. Recently, a french webradio contacted us, they are planning to move to our system. They had quite strange needs, but our very flexible architecture fits it. I just would like to know what kind of things LiveSupport does. And if you can do the job for that french radio, well.. I'll tell them we won't work together Smile

    Is livesupport restricted to mixing together several channels, and outputting the result ? I know most softwares do that, and that's enough. And I know that a channel can do complex things, playlists, live, scheduling, etc.

    Here is how that webradio works. They have like 10 channels. Each channel corresponds to a music style, has its own administrator, and basically plays playlists. On the top of that, a channel switchs from one to another of these sub-channels, depending on the time. But every channel (master and sub-channels) is broadcasted. And then, when they do live emissions, every channel switches to the live.

    That's a very strange layout, I don't agree totally with it. But I was happy to tell them that they could forget about their huge perl scripts + ices spaghetti system, cause liquidsoap can do that all all in one.

    I'm looking forward to your user docs, would like to understand your system. Looks like great! But one might not forget that webradios can have a very new and innovative structure. Our testing private radio for example allows unrequested live user intervention, and user requests.


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