How to rescan whole audio library for updated length?
  • Hi,

    I was hit by the Silan bug described here or here, and solved by updating Silan like described here (I'm running Ubuntu 14.04 with Airtime 2.5.1)

    The thing is, for many months, thousands of tracks were uploaded and many of them now have bad lengths in Airtime's database.

    According to this thread after updating Silan to Sourcefabric's version:
    • I can manually edit some metadata on the Airtime GUI for each track and it will update to the new length: I agree it works, but I have thousands of tracks, it will take us ages to do it for each and every track.
    • or I can rename the watched folder (like /srv/airtime/stor), restart, rename back again (source)

    The question is: if I rename the watched folder, what impact will it have on the current library and scheduled shows etc., as the whole stor/imported folder will be missing at some point? 

    Or, more simply: how can I force a full rescan of the full library now I have the correct Silan version? 

    Thanks for the help! 

    Kind regards,
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    i would maybe also remove and reenter the media folders
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