Amazon AWS EC2 IP address won't display web page
  • Hello Experts,

    I'm trying to build a t2.mirco Ubuntu 12.04 EC2 environment running Airtime from Sourcefabric, however despite the installation going through OK I cannot access the login page via the address that the installer provided. I have change my security settings several times but I feel that it might have something to do with it. I have ran system checks to see if airtime is working and it returns a perfectly operating copy every time. The address that i'm trying to access the installation on is | Jboss.compute.internal does anyone know why Amazon AWS is reacting this way?

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  • Hi Sarah,

    This is the Booktype support. Please post your question again in the Airtime section. Both products belong to Sourcefabric, but are different software... ;)

    Good luck!

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    Hi Sarah,

    The address you mention does not seem to be resolvable from the public Internet. I cannot get a ping from the IPv4 address either. I would suggest you check your Apache configuration to confirm that it matches a resolvable host.