Booktype change on a MacbookPro drive
  • Hi all,
    I have Macbook Pro early 2011, with a built in Matshita DVD-R UJ-8A8, SATA connected drive. I'm trying to burn DVD-ROM booktyped DVD's from my DVD+R purchased DVD-5's. I checked if there is a hacked firmware , but no luck.On the Mac I first tried Toast 11 to no avail, but the latter has no support on Mac OSX Lion any more, and can't run.So I went to my Windows7 VM on parallels, and of course to Imgburn. However, there is no tab with Matshita on the change booktype button.Does this mean I'm out of luck?
    Thanks in advance,

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  • Dear Aaron,

    I think you are in the wrong forum. Our Booktype  is a browser based software to create books and has nothing to do with DVDs. Or did I just not get your question?