configured the mail server for Superdesk
  • I would like some friend of the forum that is already configured the mail server for Superdesk, please tell me how .... because I have not been able to do it here ..
    My Operating System is the Unbutu 16.04
    Web server is nginx
    Postfix email server

    Please, somebody help me
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  • Hi, 

    assuming that you've already installed Superdesk, edit file 


    and set the MAIL settings, if you're planning to use your local email server the default settings will work for you

    MAIL_SERVER = env('MAIL_SERVER', 'localhost')
    MAIL_PORT = int(env('MAIL_PORT', 25))

    If you're using an external account you have to specify the settings, at least 


    Any edit to that file needs Superdesk to be restarted for the changes to take effect

    root@superdesk:~# systemctl restart superdesk

    If you've installed Superdesk through the automated script, it also installs a test smtp server for you. If you're planning to use a local postfix instead, make sure you disable that

    root@superdesk:/opt/superdesk# systemctl stop superdesk-smtp
    root@superdesk:/opt/superdesk# systemctl disable superdesk-smtp

    YG. While you are editing file you might want to consider making other changes as well, options are explained here: