Flac preview support?
  • Hi! 

    I found an excellent piece of software in Airtime. One word: Thanks !!!!

    But I've got some questions. My media library is in flac file format. I read that airtime has flac support, and I know that airtime has support for these files,  because I already tested them and I can broadcast (I'm using Icecast2) flac format with no problem. Everythings looks fine until there. When I try to preview the file through contextual menu in the library section, the option ("preview") looks disabled (it shows a lock icon), but with other files with a different format it doesn't (like .ogg) and I indeed play them (and listen to them). I've read in the manual about this, that flac preview isn't available, but doesn't said why. What is the reason to not including flac in this context, in the preview capability? Is there a way to enable flac support preview? Where can I start to see if it's possible to implement it? My browser has support for flac files, and I tested with this: https://hpr.dogphilosophy.net/test/ without problem, so this is not a problem of the browser. I'm running my project on Ubuntu Linux 12 LTS, regularly updated. Any ideas, alternatives, suggestions? Please, anybody? 
    Thanks in advance!