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  • So you grew up right?

    Yeah, 45 minutes outside of the town in Salem, That is the capital of Oregon. When I was a child, but I came up to Portland. I had

    And when did you move to Portland?

    I think I was 18 when I moved up here.

    Portland has a reputation for being a gnarly Transition city because of Burnside being there. Can you skate there or did when
    you're younger, you ride ? 

    No. I mean, I went there a few times a Kid but it never really clicked. There was things, for example new parks and things that I
    skate. It was too hard to skate. Burnside is one of those places that appears really cool but it's really fucking hard to skate. 

    So what's the road scene just like in Portland Today like when you were a child and what was it? 

    It's completely different. It's enormous. I Like it is really a scene today feel. There's real groups of skaters and filmers. I
    feel like once I was growing up there were only a few crews of individuals. Now it's all over. Every child has a skateboard. 

    What do you think of this influx of Street experts moving to Portland, like Joey Pepper, Nikhil Thayer, Nick Boserio? 

    I believe that it helps a good deal. It boosts the energy. People become stoked from that. 

    When you were growing up, who were the Portland street legends that you looked up to? 

    Jayme Fortune and Matt Beach were the Two dogs in Oregon. They were the dudes. 

    As a skater, what caused you to Opt to stay In the area instead of moving somewhere where the weather is a bit more forgiving? 

    I really feel like I got to travel much, I must Get out much I was never stuck. I believe I would begin to go pretty crazy, if I
    was completely stuck here through the winter. However, I've always chased the sun. In the winter I'll go to LA or somewhere like
    that. You have to escape from the rain. 

    Do you think it would be more easy to have a Skateboarding career do you think which you are able to live anywhere today or in
    someplace like LA? 

    I think it's definitely a Bit More Challenging here because you are a little more from the loop. In LA you can get away with not
    actually skating since you're about everybody. Everybody sees you all the time, so they get the impression that you are skatntg.
    Here you have to put in that extra effort to promote yourself, which sounds kind of corny. Nonetheless, it's occurred to a lot of
    people who live up here. They get missing. 

    What are a few of the rain strategies? Before You were able to travel, how can you maintain skating throughout the winter? 

    Luckily, there was an indoor playground Department of Skateboarding and it was run by the store, Cal's Pharmacy, and it was
    fucking awesome. That place was the best. But it closed down. 

    Yeah, there is a few. Nothing too special When I was younger, all dark and dim, we definitely struck a few cold-ass parking
    garages in the winter. But you gotta get it done. 

    So when I was a child, my friends and I believed Vert skaters were not cool. Did you and your friends who skated street feel like
    that about guys that skated transition or men who skated Burnside? 

    Yeah, it wasn't like a steak but it was a great deal More separated and far more divided than it is. It's all meshed together. I
    believe like you were a street skater and it was weird to picture at a skatepark. It is different today. 

    I feel like that surpasses the area and Holds true for skateboarding in general. There is tons of up-and-coming children that will
    skate anything before them. 

    Yeah, completely. I feel like using the new Generation of children it's just natural. Transition is simply learnt by them. It is

    How come so many individuals Northwest are hippies? What's it? 

    I think it's being in the and just the scenery forest. It is only a natural sense. It is a location that is really relaxing. You
    don't even have to be stoned to be more relaxed here. It is that nice. It is just a gorgeous location. 

    It's like a high.

    You're surrounded by trees and when it's Pleasant, it's really fine and you love it more because you're excited about that

    How many days out of the year does it rain?

    It inconsistent but it's generally four Months from this year. 

    Just nonstop?

    Yeah. Like, close shit weather. 

    Can you think skateboarding equipment continues a Shorter amount of time because of the weather? Like, do you think you proceed
    faster than a person in Arizona? 

    It's just so rough and rugged from all The rain and snow. Everything is rough and you go through boards. 

    What do you do to kill time when it is too Moist to skate? 

    Recently I've been drawing lots. And Netflix is A thing in my entire life.  https://medium.com/@skateszone/best-skateboard-brands-7c4f7d144ea1

    What type of stuff do you draw?

    Whatever comes out. Nothing special, really. I've only been doodling. 

    If somebody is currently considering moving to Portland From someplace not so moist, what information do you give them? 

    You haveta be prepared. You haveta have some Other hobbies aside from skating. You haveta have some stuff you can do inside or
    You'll probably be in the pub every day.
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