400 Songs / 5 Smart Bl / Only 100 songs Plays ( Some of them multiple times)
  • Hello, greetings and happy new year everyone ! <3

    We are trying to operate a online radio. What we did;

    1 - Divided the day into 5 different show ( Morning, Midday, Nightfall.. )

    2 - Tagging the songs with the appropriate ID’s within ''Genre'' section.

    We add the tags like;
    - morning (divided the day into 5 different timelines morning, midday, nightfall, night, midnight)
    - 2 ( tempo of the song, scaling 1 to 5 )
    - Genre of the song
    - Sub genre of the song

    We divide the tags with (,) so at the end one song has; 2, funk, afro-funk, midday

    3 - Created smart blocks for 5 different shows
    - Used the genre filter for the smart blocks to filter out the tempo and the day tag from it

    What we end up is, when we look at the play history for the day.
    We saw only 100 songs plays per day. We have 400 songs at the library.
    But within 12 - 14 different songs are the same! Some of them repeated more than 5 times !
    How this could be possible ? How can we maintain only one song plays within the day ? 

    The next days smartblocks also stars with the same song and ends with the same song.
    How can we do a clean automatisation without repeating the same block every day ?
    Or how is it possible that a song plays only once during the day ? 

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