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  • Dear all, 

    I'm trying to set Arabic as the language for a user, I edit his profile and select Arabic but then very few words are translated. I see on transifex that the translation is almost 100% for this language though. What actions should I perform in order to be able to see all translated words? 

    I've noticed that when I select German, most (if not all) of the words are shown in German, so I understand that some translations are working but not all. 

    I'm also translating Superdesk in Greek and would like to see my translation in action. Can you describe what are the steps to be able to select this language, and see the translated strings?

    Thanks and regards
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  • I was able to find a solution to this by reading previous posts (thanks Petr Jasek!)

    To get translation for the Arabic, what I did was: enter the client directory, create the po directory (by copying existing po files), run `grunt nggettext_compile` and then `grunt build`

    root@superdesk:~# cd /opt/superdesk/
    root@superdesk:/opt/superdesk# source 
    (env) root@superdesk:/opt/superdesk# cd client
    (env) root@superdesk:/opt/superdesk/client# cp -r node_modules/superdesk-core/po/ po/
    (env) root@superdesk:/opt/superdesk/client# grunt nggettext_compile --verbose
    (env) root@superdesk:/opt/superdesk/client# grunt build

    This has been enough! I now login to my account, enter the Profile page and select Arabic as language. Most strings now appear on Arabic, since the coverage for the language is close to 100%. Awesome!

    To get the Greek translation, I entered the Superdesk team on Transifex  ( and started translating to Greek (still extremely low coverage but getting there). Got the po file for the Greek translation, added that to the po directory on /opt/superdesk/client/po as el.po and then re-run the grunt steps (nggettext_compile and build). I can now enter my profile and select Greek! 

    Hope this will be useful to others too. 

  • Trying to follow your instructions Markos but i get the error "Unable to find local grunt".

    Any help?
  • I managed to run the commands..

    But even greek is available on the profile everything is still in english.

     Any thoughts?
  • *SOLVED*

    The instructions are the correct ones.

    Just made a browser cache cleaning and checked again.