is there another way to set up my shows?
  • I know there must be other ways to do what I want to do with Airtime - how would you do it?

    I have about 670 pieces of music. Our radio station should just play these pieces in some random order - nothing else.

    I made three long (24 hour) playlists and filled them with these pieces in a random order that would have each piece once or twice in three days. Then I would create three shows, one for each playlist. Monday is show 1, Tuesday show 2, etc.

    That worked well for a while but 1) as I wrote, occasionally all shows lose their contents for no apparent reason, forcing me to recreate the shows, and 2) I can no longer fill the shows with those long playlists - I can fill them with short playlists but when I feed a show with a long playlist (> 200 pieces), it takes more than a day and then Airtime still says 'loading 1 item' and nothing happens. And filling the shows manually is so much work that I don't feel I want to do it, for a fun project.

    I think I'll either give up the whole thing, or find another way to create shows that would just contain the 670 pieces in some order. How would you do it?


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