Ingesting Newscoop articles into Superdesk
  • Hi, the RSS-ingest option in Superdesk shows several, different options for different RSS standards/providers, and I'm wondering if any of the options listed will work for importing articles into Superdesk from Newscoop (4.4) as I can't find mention of what RSS standard Newscoop outputs?

    Alternatively, is it possible to transfer articles using the Newscoop API (I don't see RESTful API mentioned as an API option in Superdesk).

    Thank you in advance for any anwers.

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  • Im also interested for info,
    what is the preffered and optimal)method to
    transfer articles (all content with images, attached files) from Newscoop v. 4 to Superdesk+ Superdesk Publisher.
    (10 years of articles in monthly issues)
  • Hi, 

    we are working on an export/import tool which will help to export all Newscoop articles (images, text etc.) to Superdesk compatible format and import it into Superdesk.

    It should be available in a couple of days.

  • Rafal,
    excelent news!